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  • Ministry of Energy advocates a comprehensive approach to transformation of coal regions
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 27 July 2020 19:47

    The Ministry of Energy is planning a comprehensive approach to the transformation of Ukraine's coal regions, taking into account economic, environmental and social aspects.

    Acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets announced while answering questions from journalists during the briefing on the results of 100 days of work as the head of the Ministry.

    "We are completing the preparation of the Concept for the reform of the coal industry. The final steps of the methodology for assessing promising and unpromising mines are being worked out. According to this methodology, the mines will be ranked from a position of perspective," said the acting Minister.

    In order to determine the cost of coal and to clarify the prospects for modernization for each mine, representatives of the Ministry are studying medium-term plans for coal production during working visits to coal mining enterprises.

    The Ministry of Energy is also working on proposals for German partners, who have proposed launching two pilot projects in Ukraine to reorganize coal mining companies in two monocities - in the East and in the West of Ukraine.

    "We have 65 monocities in Ukraine, where the mine is the only revenue-generating enterprise. Therefore, we are not talking about closing individual mines, but about the transformation of coal regions as a whole, with the solution of economic, environmental, social problems, that is, with the coverage of the whole range of issues," Olha Buslavets explained.

    Transformation provides an opportunity to develop other production, create new jobs and retrain employees of coal mining companies and more.

    The acting Minister reminded of the recently established Coordination Center for the Transformation of Coal Regions of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to develop a National Program for the Transformation of Coal Regions.

    In the process of work on the Concept and the National Program for the Transformation of Coal Regions the following activities are conducted:

    - the methodology is being finalized and the criteria for assessing the efficiency of coal enterprises are being determined (phasing out, with the definition of priority of providing program support for individual regions and cities);

    - the socio-economic situation in the regions subject to transformation is analyzed, and ways of diversification of local economies and the creation of new jobs are developed;

    - the segmentation of labor resources is researched;

    - at that, initiatives, concepts and pre-feasibility studies of pilot projects aimed at reducing community dependence on coal have been developed at the level of communities.