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  • Reforms Delivery Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

    The Reforms Delivery Office is the organization that helps the Government of Ukraine in designing and implementing the country's priority reforms.

    Using the international expertise and broad industry expertise of its specialists, the Office provides comprehensive support to the Cabinet of Ministers, supporting reforms from problem analysis and developing an idea and mechanism for its implementation to monitoring the effectiveness and communication of change.

    Office is the part of Ukraine Reform Architecture Project (URA), supported by EBRD and the EBRD’s Ukraine Stabilisation and Sustainable Growth Multi-Donor Account (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, the largest donor).

    The Reforms Delivery Office (RDO) is an advisory body to Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers, coordinated by the Prime Minister of Ukraine.  

    Сontacts: rdo@kmu.gov.ua; +38 (044) 256-75-23


    Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministres of Ukraine from 11 October 2016 №768 "About Reforms Delivery Office Foundation" (In Ukrainian)

    Reforms in Ukraine: Progress in 2017 and Priorities for 2018, February 2018

    Reforms in Ukraine: Progress and Priorities, June 2018

    Reforms in Ukraine 2016-2019: Irreversibility of Changes 

    Our Team

    Tatyana Kovtun

    Executive Director


    She has extensive expertise and practical experience in effective governance, public administration and civil service reform, lawmaking, project management and international technical assistance coordination.

    More than 15 years of professional experience, including work in civil service and at the EU Delegation to Ukraine. For the last five years she held the position of Deputy State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Secretary of the Coordinating Council for Public Administration Reform. She was responsible for the implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in accordance with European SIGMA / OECD principles of public administration, including strategic planning and coordination of public policy, civil service, administrative services, and administrative procedure. She worked in the EU Delegation to Ukraine, where she was responsible for anti-corruption direction and cooperation with Ukraine of the Support Group for Ukraine SGUA.

    She obtained a master's degree in public policy from the University of Minnesota and a master's degree in political science from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

    Andriy Kondor

    Senior Project Manager

    Monitoring and Reporting Team


    Experienced professional in business analysis, operational and financial reporting. 10+ years of experience in nonprofits and international companies, including financial services and IT outsourcing. Key competencies – team and change management, executive business reporting, market analysis, pre-sales. Graduated from Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine. MSc in Economics. Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant, ACCA, UK.

    Iuliia Zaichenko

    Senior Project Manager

    Reorganization of ministries, lawer

    Has more than 7 years of project management experience being a leader or analytic and researcher. Since 2015 has been working with the key justice reforms coordination and analytics. Also worked as an analytics and consultancy with reforms support for the EDGE project in Ukraine. Since 2017 till 2019 was at the position of a Director General for the Strategic Planning and European Integration Directorate at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine where was leading donors’ coordination, budget planning, strategic planning, reforms monitoring, coordination of cooperation with EU on Justice, freedom and security sphere. From 2019 became part of the EU-UNDP Parliamentary reform project team, namely: Deputy Head of Parliamentary Reform Office with the key responsibilities on the complex’s reform of legislative process and parliamentary oversight practices development.

    Has a Master of Law degree. In 2013 got LL.M. degree in International and European Business Law from Jean-Moulin University Lyon 3, France. Also did studies and training courses in Austria, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands mainly with the focus on EU law, good governance, human rights.

    Serhii Nikolaychuk 

    Project Manager

    Public Administration Reform


    Expert in business analytics, e-government. Serhii has more than 10 years of experience in commercial and international companies, in project management and business process automation.

    He graduated from the National Mining University with a degree in Information Technology, from NMetAU of the Ukrainian Academy with a degree in Management, from IT school in the field of Diving into Business Analysis, Diving Into Project Management.

    Oksana Romanyshyn

    Project Manager

    Public Administration Reform


    Worked as a junior researcher at the Center for Leadership of Ukrainian Catholic University. Participated in an international Ukrainian-Canada research project in partnership with Ivey Business School and was in charge of the development of ‘Book of Reforms’, which is a collection of successful case studies on public sector reforms in Ukraine. As a project manager was responsible for educational programs on women leadership at Lviv Business School of UCU. Since 2014 was actively involved in the civil sector and worked for the Civil movement ‘CHESNO’ as a regional coordinator in Lviv. 

    Obtained a master’s degree in public Sector Innovation and E-governance from three European universities (KU Leuven, University of Munster, TalTech), where she researched organizational transformations in the process of public management reform. Graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Participated in educational development programs in Georgia, Poland and Germany. 

    Andrii Martyn

    Senior Project Manager

    Land Reform

    A well-known specialist in land policy, land management, land valuation, land cadastre, licensing system and land law.

    Has more than 20 years experience in the state (design and survey and research institutions in the field of land management and land valuation) and private sector (legal and engineering consulting). Worked as Deputy Director for Technical Issues in the World Bank’s "Rural Land Titling and Cadastre Development Project for Ukraine", developer and co-developer of many legal acts on land relations. Graduated from the National Agrarian University in "Land Management and Cadastre" and "Jurisprudence". Participated professional training programs in Poland, Germany and the USA. Certified land survey and geodesy engineer, appraiser on land valuation, land auctioneer, specialist in selling state property in the process of privatization, forensic expert.

    Ihor Maslov

    Senior Project Manager

    Energy and Energy Efficiency


    Advisor to the Prime Minister on energy issues. Has 20 years’ experience in energy sector. Worked in top positions in the energy holding DTEK and its affiliates. Was responsible for electricity distribution and sales, development of electricity distribution system infrastructure, implementation of the investment programme to enhance the reliability of electricity supply, etc. Acted as Electricity Distribution and Sales Director and Head of Strategic Projects Office at DTEK Energy LLC. Former member of supervisory boards at DTEK Dniprooblenergo PJSC, DTEK Donetskoblenergo PJSC, DTEK Energougol ENE PJSC, and Kyivenergo PJSC. Graduated from Donetsk National University with the specialty in Corporate Management and from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute with the specialty in Power Plants. Master of Economics.   

    Maryna Denysiuk

    Senior Project manager-Team Lead 

    Coordination of Ukraine Recovery plan development


    Experienced professional in government relations, project management, team coordination and leadership, sectoral issues such as Green Deal policy, industrial ecology, waste management, climate change and investment in renewable energy and environmental projects in Ukraine.

    Since February 2022, she has made a significant contribution to the completion of the EU questionnaire in the fields of environmental protection and energy and led the team for the coordination and preparation of the draft Recovery Plan of Ukraine in 24 directions, the finalisation of the plan and its generalisation.

    More than 2 years of experience in the field of government relations, consulting in the field of environmental protection system, climate action and coordination of European Green Deal initiatives at the level of the Ukrainian government. 7 years of experience in project management in the field of industrial energy efficiency and green energy, 17 personal projects and over 30 as a project team leader under the Kyoto Protocol in areas such as thermal energy generation and distribution, alternative and small energy, landfill degassing, water and electricity distribution networks, chemical enterprises, coal mining and processing, energy efficiency in industrial enterprises, etc.

    Key competencies - building and managing an effective team, technical review of the project, implementation of changes.

    Olena Kotliarova

    Senior Project Manager 

    International Technical Assistance Coordination


    Expert in the field of international cooperation, European integration and international technical assistance. Experience in the corporate and public sector for more than 12 years. Coordinated the

    international cooperation on decentralization reform, established the Decentralization Donor Board under the Minregion, coordinated the ITA projects on decentralization reform. Law degree.

    Nataliia Vyniarchuk

    Project Manager 

    International Technical Assistance Coordination

    Specializes in the coordination of international cooperation, financial assistance, and project management.

    More than 5 years of professional experience in civil society and public sector both on the local and national level, international experience of operational and policy support to investment projects in the Eastern Partnership countries in European investment Bank (EIB). Worked as a project manager of youth entrepreneurship project and coordinator of international financial support within initiatives focused on advocacy and facilitation of implementation of sectoral reforms, as well as citizens engagement to the oversight of public procurement contracts and anti-corruption initiatives.  

    An alumna of the College of Europe with a MA in European Economic Studies, completed Lund University programme on transparency and public sector reform as well as Malmo University programme on sustainable public management. Graduated from the National Ivan Franko University of Lviv with a major in international economic relations.

    Liliia Horbatiuk

    Senior Project Manager

    Privatization & SOE corporate governance, Privatization

    Experience in foreign economic projects more than 10 years, legal support of projects in the public and private sectors of the economy in the field of construction, infrastructure development, decentralization of management, etc. Participation in the preparation and support of the launch of Roads Development Project with the World Bank, the Project of Technical Support "Modernization and improvement of road safety in Ukraine", other investment projects with the EIB and the EBRD. Previous project - USAID EDGE (Corporate Governance and Privatization Advisor), earlier - the expert of the government-public initiative "Together against corruption", legal support for state property management issues and corporate rights of the state, institutional strengthening, coordination and drafting of acts on increasing transparency and decentralization of public administration in the field of road transport.

    Lawyer "Legal support of entrepreneurial activity" (Humanitarian Institute of KNLU). Alumnus of program “Data based policy writing and visualisation” (School of Public Management UCU). MBA degree of International Institute of Management (MIM-Kyiv).

    Ievgeniia Bodnya

    Project Manager

    Privatization and State-owned Enterprises Reform

    Ievgeniia Bodnya is a legal expert in corporate governance for state-owned enterprises and implementing OECD Guidelines on corporate governance. Has legal analysis, policy development and advocacy experience in the field of European integration, corporate governance, taxation and housing. Worked in the international organization focusing on developing durable solutions for internally displace people in livelihood and affordable housing spheres. Participated in sectoral reform implementation and European integration projects.  

    Graduated from the University of Cambridge, MPhil in Public Policy programme, WorldWideStudies and Cambridge Trust scholarship holder. Completed Erasmus Programme at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, summer academy at Lund University on human rights, public administration and decentralisation, participant of the European Forum Alpbach in 2018 and 2020. Graduated from Donetsk National University and Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv with a Master in Law Diploma. Ievgeniia is a member of the Global Shaper community and elected Curator of the Kyiv Hub.

    Zhanna Panchenko  

    Senior Communication Manager

    Public Administration Reform


    Expert in strategic communication and reputation management, PhD in political science. Experience in corporate and government communications, reputation management. Zhanna was the Deputy Director of the Communication Center of the Taras Shevchenko National University, participated in NATO projects. She had an internship at the Communications Office of the Government of Estonia within the Humeria Project. She graduated from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

    Maksym Gardus  

    Communication Manager

    Economic Development


    Expert in communication in the field of economics in the public and private sectors. 18 years of experience in communications and media. He worked as a communications manager in the Project Office of the Sectoral Decentralization, an independent, non-governmental organization established under the Ministry of Regional Development with the assistance of EDGE. The activities of the Project Office were aimed at organizing and supporting the process of forming a sectoral policy on decentralization in the relevant ministries and agencies. Key competencies - analytical thinking, experience in creating systems and developing communication strategies for reforms coverage.

    Yaroslava Prokopenko

    Senior Communication Campaigns Manager

    EU and Euro-Atlantic Integration, DCFTA

    10 years of experience in corporate and public sector communication. Worked with communication on electoral reform, advocacy of sanctions for MPs for impersonal voting, introduction of new reporting standards for MPs, implementation of political parties finances reform, educational campaigns for responsible voting for voters, on results of the EU support for Ukraine in priority sectors and DCFTA between Ukraine and the EU.

    Trainer on communication for the projects of the European Union in Ukraine, the International Labor Organization in Ukraine, the State Labor Service of Ukraine. Co-author of the Manual “Informing and engaging citizens. Recommendations for all stages of creating and operating Administrative Service Centres” by U-Lead with Europe programme.

    Graduated from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

    Victoria Ostapchenko

    Communication Manager 

    Human Development


    Experience in developing communication strategies and implementing information campaigns.

    Participated in the development of the information campaign on decentralization, implementation of the communication campaign for internally displaced persons. Coordinated the work of conducting the communication audit. Took part in developing the reform of government communications.

    Coordinated the development of the communication strategy and a new visual identity for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Participated in the development of communication strategy and implementation of communication campaigns in the field of education and science for the EU Delegation to Ukraine under the umbrella "Moving Forward Together".

    Master's degree in organizational management. Studied at the Charted Institute of Marketing, has an EECMD diploma.

    Mariia Shevchuk 

    Manager for Organizational and Administrative Issues



    Specialist in foreign policy. Experience in the implementation of international technical assistance projects. Key competencies – monitoring of project implementation and reporting, supervision, and management of administrative and organizational operations. Graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.