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  • The main priorities of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine are to do everything for victory, security and defence, the implementation of reforms, ensuring macroeconomic stability, readiness to join the EU, the recovery of the Ukrainian economy and the country in general.

    Continue European integration to be fully ready for EU membership as soon as possible.

    The Ukrainian shield means strengthening our Security and Defence Forces to successfully resist the enemy and raise security standards in civilian life

    Ukraine is developing a New veterans policy based on the principles of respect, support and ensuring opportunities for veterans.

    Ukraine needs a new social agreement to reflect the reality and modern approaches of the world. Social change means developing people's capabilities instead of making them dependent.

    Education for the successful country means education that focuses on innovation and the development of new thinking in future generations.

    Ukraine is developing affordable modern Medicine to give patients the opportunity to receive treatment regardless of where they live.

    Ukraine's Energy independence means initiatives aimed at strengthening the national security of Ukraine and Europe as a whole. The modernisation and reconstruction of the energy infrastructure will enable Ukraine to improve its own resilience and carry out a green transformation alongside the EU.

    The government has already started the Reconstruction of everything that was destroyed without waiting for the war to end. We are rebuilding houses and destroyed infrastructure to breathe life back into deoccupied communities and provide our country with electricity, heating, education and medical care.

    The government will continue to build a Sustainable economy that will help win the war and lay the foundation for our country's future growth.

    The government is building an Efficient digital country where all services are digitalised, where there is no room for corruption and where civil servants and institutions work to the best standards in the world.

    The list of relevant projects will be expanded, supplemented and amended.

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