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  • Council for Economic Development of Ukraine

    About the Council

    The Government has established the Council for Economic Development of Ukraine to develop proposals and specific mechanisms for economic growth, to ensure the competitiveness of Ukrainian producers and enterprises.

    The Council is chaired by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture will act as Deputy Minister.

    The academy also includes academicians, doctors, professors, and international experts: Deputy Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Senior Research Fellow of the Atlantic Council, Professor of Columbia University, Director of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Demography and Social Research. named after MV Ptukha of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, etc.

    The establishment of the Council will contribute to overcoming the crisis in the national economy and the formation of the main directions of economic policy of the state to increase the welfare of the population. On the basis of this body, the efforts of representatives of civil society, public authorities, scientists will be united, and modern achievements of science and innovation will be used to monitor the situation and develop proposals.


    The main tasks of the Council are:

    • to study of problematic issues related to the implementation of state policy in the field of economic development, as well as the definition of ways, mechanisms and ways to solve them;

    • to ensure coordination of actions of central and local executive bodies;

    • to improve the regulatory framework;

    • to develop proposals for the implementation of favorable credit, tax and customs policies, etc.

    The Council will analyze the causes of problems in the field of economic development, monitor the implementation of state policy, study the results of the work of central executive bodies, local governments in overcoming the crisis in the national economy. In addition, it will develop proposals and recommendations for draft regulations on economic development and submit them to the Cabinet of Ministers.


    Secretariat of the Council

    The Secretariat of the Council is a permanent body that ensures the activities of the Council.

     The main tasks of the Secretariat are organizational, expert-analytical, legal, informational and logistical support of the Council's activity.

    Secretariat in accordance with its tasks:

    - ensures continuity in the activities of the Council;

    - ensures the interaction of the Council with state bodies, local governments and their officials, associations of citizens, enterprises, institutions and organizations, individuals;

    - provides consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities received at the address of the Council;

    - prepares analytical, informational, reference and other materials on issues considered by the Council.

    Address for correspondence: edc@kmu.gov.ua