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  • Government has approved a draft Decree of the President of Ukraine on the Ukraine-NATO Annual National Program 2021
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 09 February 2021 08:10

    The Government endorsed the draft Decree of the President of Ukraine on the Annual National Program under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission for 2021 (hereinafter - ANP-2021).

    Coordination of the preparation of the ANP-2021, further implementation and monitoring is carried out by the Commission for Coordination of Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, headed by Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna.

    “The ANP for 2021 is, in fact, our internal plan, in line with which we are moving towards NATO membership, because this document, like its predecessor, the ANP 2020, is as close as possible to the NATO Membership Action Plan. By moving along this track, Ukraine is gradually bringing its standards closer to the standards of the Alliance, which is a prerequisite for NATO membership,” said Olha Stefanishyna.

    ANP-2021, like the previous ANP-2020, is "human-centered": the main focus of state policy in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration is aimed at ensuring security and well-being of a person as a key subject of national security.

    ANP-2021 was developed by more than 535 representatives of 70 government agencies, enterprises and companies. In preparing the document, they used the international methodology for the drafting of strategic documents "Results-Oriented Governance", used in NATO member states, the United Nations, and the World Bank. The process of elaboration the document went from "identifying problems in implementing the reforms needed for NATO membership" to identifying ways to address them with indicators of implementation and effectiveness. The ANP-2021 project was developed simultaneously with the proposals to the State Budget for 2021, so the ANP-2021 measures are financially supported.

    The document requires approval by the President of Ukraine.


    The Annual National Program under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission for 2021 is a key tool for Ukraine to achieve the necessary criteria for NATO membership. It is a system document that describes the reforms, defines their strategic purpose, content, objectives and measures in the following areas: political and economic issues, defense and military issues, resource issues, security issues, legal issues.