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  • Customs reform: 4 years of the single window - 100% of import operations
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 03 August 2020 13:51

    On August 1, 2016, the "single window" service was launched at the customs, thereby simplifying the conduct of foreign economic activity for business by transforming the interaction of enterprises with the customs and regulatory authorities into electronic format.

    Throughout the 4 years, a number of changes have been made: from changes in legislation to the introduction of technical solutions for the effective use of the single window, in particular, the development and launch of the state information web portal "Single Window for International Trade".

    At the end of the first quarter of this year, 99.7% of transit operations and 100% operations for imports are carried out through the single window at customs.

    The benefits of using the state information web portal "Single Window for International Trade" are obvious. And not only for the entrepreneur due to the absence of a need to contact a number of regulatory authorities, but also for consumers of imported goods, and in general for the state due to a significant reduction of various risks.

    As expected, the unconditional advantages of using a "single window" at customs are as follows:

    • quality control over the implementation by enterprises of the requirements stipulated by law;
    • prompt exchange of information between customs, enterprises and government agencies;
    • counteraction to corruption - minimization of offline communication during customs procedures;
    • simplification of doing business in foreign economic activity - the opportunity to interact from the office or from home.

    “The introduction of the single window environment at customs was initiated by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine as part of a comprehensive customs reform. Today, persistent work continues to expand the scope of this service, improve the use of electronic documents certified by a qualified electronic signature, and cooperation between declarants, the customs and regulatory authorities," said Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine Yurii Drahanchuk.

    The Ministry of Finance has already prepared a new Procedure for interaction between declarants, the customs and other state bodies using the "single window" mechanism, which is now being agreed with the concerned authorities.