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  • Pavlo Rozenko: Gov’t initiates the holding a wide-ranging meeting on urgent issues in counteraction of TB and HIV/AIDS
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 26 February 2019 15:22

    February 26, Pavlo Rozenko, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, met with Senior Fund Portfolio Manager for Ukraine of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Team Darren Dorkin, and other representatives of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

    "We highly appreciate the assistance of the Global Fund, which has been and remains the main additional source of funding for programs and activities in the prevention, treatment, care and support for HIV-positive, persons living with AIDS and tuberculosis in Ukraine. The Global Fund programs are a significant contribution that has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the implementation of the state policy in this area. Due to the significant financial support of the Global Fund and the technical assistance of other donors, we have managed to achieve a certain stabilization in the situation with the HIV/AIDS epidemic", said Pavlo Rozenko during the meeting.

    "The achievements that Ukraine is demonstrating are meaningful, but in order to consolidate positive trends and develop systemic changes, we must continue working hard and we look forward to further support from our international partners in this matter. Among the main tasks for us is to ensure the sustainability and viability of programs, the introduction of modern management mechanisms", he said.

    "Taking into account our long-term experience of cooperation with the Global Fund, the practices and achievements we have, we propose to consider holding a wide-ranging meeting on topical issues in the area of TB and HIV/AIDS in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia", said the Deputy Prime Minister.

    "We believe that Ukraine can become a platform for the exchange of successful experience and work on further joint actions in this sector with the participation of all stakeholders," he said.

    During the meeting, the sides also discussed continuing of Ukraine's cooperation with the Global Fund and reforming the healthcare system.

    Separately, Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko drew attention to the implementation of the plan for the transition to complete state financing of services related to HIV and tuberculosis previously funded by the Global Fund, namely, HIV prevention among key population groups (harm reduction programs), care and support of people living with HIV and accompanying patients with tuberculosis on outpatient treatment. He noted that, in particular, starting from the second half of 2019, due to optimization of treatment programs and the release of funds for the purchase of antiretroviral drugs, it is planned to allocate about UAH 90 million for HIV-related services.

    Pavlo Rozenko thanked the Global Fund for the provided support and expressed his hope for continued fruitful cooperation.