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  • Ministers of finance of Ukraine and Switzerland discussed cooperation and holding of Ukraine Reform Conference
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 03 June 2021 17:27

    Today an online meeting took place between the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhii Marchenko and the Minister of Finance of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer.

    The parties discussed the current financial and economic situation of the countries under conditions of the pandemic and shared their experience in vaccinating the population and fighting the spread of the virus.

    "I thank you for your support of Ukraine and your active work towards strengthening cooperation between our countries. 2020 was difficult because of the COVID-19 crisis, but we expect a GDP growth of 4.1% this year. We already have a positive trend: this year we plan to overperform the budget, which will allow us to reduce the number of loans in the future, "- said Serhii Marchenko.

    In addition, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine spoke about reducing the budget deficit, the plan to vaccinate 5 million Ukrainians until the end of September this year, and the approval of the first-ever Ukrainian State Budget Declaration for 2022-2024.

    The Ministers also defined priority topics of Ukraine Reform Conference 2022, which will be held on July 4-5, 2022 in Lugano, among them - economic recovery in the post-COVID period, financial market development, fiscal decentralization.

    Mr. Marchenko shared with representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Switzerland information about the political situation in the country, namely on active systemic steps towards strengthening the system of anti-corruption bodies, reforming the judicial system, deoligarchization.

    "I congratulate you on your fantastic work in stabilizing the financial sector. The results you have achieved in recent years of reforms are impressive. We are glad to cooperate and we are looking forward to continuing joint work and exchanging experiences to improve our countries' financial situation," said Ueli Maurer.

    In conclusion, Serhii Marchenko invited the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Switzerland to visit Ukraine.

    Beforehand the parties agreed to include the issues of the financial block into the agenda of the Ukraine-Switzerland Joint Commission meeting, which will take place at the end of this year, and also organize a high-level round table with the participation of the ministries of finance, central banks and the largest banking institutions of the two countries in 2022.