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  • Ministry of Finance: In 2021, over UAH 30 billion were spent on the fight against COVID-19
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 16 September 2021 10:03

    In 8 months of 2021, more than UAH 30 billion were spent on the fight against COVID-19.

    In particular, the funds were directed for the following purposes:

    • UAH 11.8 billion for the payment of emergency and inpatient care services provided to patients with COVID-19 and vaccination services for the population; for the purchase of vaccines from COVID-19 - UAH 9.8 billion. In general, UAH 17.5 billion was allocated for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 and vaccination services under the medical guarantees program in 2021, and UAH 10.5 billion was allocated from the state budget for the purchase of 38 million doses of vaccines;
    • for the purchase of goods and services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (excluding vaccines) - UAH 2.5 billion, including UAH 1.7 billion from local budgets;
    • payments to institutions of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for services in hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 - UAH 14 million out of the provided UAH 55 million;
    • to provide hospitals with oxygen - UAH 0.5 billion out of the directed UAH 0.75 billion;
    • for measures for social support of the population amid quarantine - UAH 2.9 billion; for the payment of financial security in connection with temporary disability ("hospital") - UAH 0.8 billion. In total, UAH 3.8 billion was allocated to the Ministry of Social Policy for these purposes (UAH 2.0 - special fund, UAH 1.8 billion general fund);
    • for the payment of unemployment benefits - UAH 1.1 billion, or 100% of the funds directed by the Ministry of Economy to make such payments;
    • for the implementation of measures to combat COVID-19 in educational institutions - UAH 18.3 million out of the planned UAH 1 billion;
    • UAH 0.8 billion (98% of the allocated funds) for additional payments to the salaries of servicemen of the National Guard and the State Border Guard Service, bodies and subdivisions of civil defense, police, medical and other employees of departmental health care institutions.

    In general, more than UAH 36 billion is provided for the fight against COVID-19 in 2021.

    "The Ministry of Finance provides systematic and comprehensive funding for measures to strengthen the capacity of the health sector, in particular in the fight against coronavirus. The draft budget for 2022 envisages an increase in expenditures on the provision of medical services under the program of medical guarantees by more than UAH 30 billion compared to 2021. However, we also hope that citizens will be aware of the importance of their efforts to minimize the risks associated with the consequences of this disease. At present, Ukraine has enough vaccines for immunization for those citizens who have not yet been vaccinated," commented Deputy Finance Minister Roman Yermolychev.