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  • Changes to defence procurement rules already provide additional transparency: Nadiia Bihun
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 12 May 2023 12:42

    The Government has introduced changes to defence procurement rules that should make the process even more transparent and open. Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Nadiia Bihun spoke about the changes in the rules during the Yedyni Novyny (United News) telethon.

    "The Government has adopted a procedure for determining the subject of procurement for food products to ensure that when purchasing from catalogues, it is clearly defined whether it is food or services. The law also defines the requirements for announcements of non-weapon non-secret procurements, which must be published on ProZorro before the procurement takes place. These changes have already come into effect and they are already providing additional transparency," explained Nadiia Bihun.

    The current changes concern goods that are neither weapons nor military equipment and are not confidential. Everything related to clothing, food, fuel and lubricants and other goods that are not related to weapons. This was done so that both journalists and the public could see the procurement report.

    "This is definitely a great victory. Such changes will have a strong impact on the efficiency of spending money and on future corruption risks, because there is no corruption in procurement where the price is good. It is only possible when the price is too high. Now, it will be immediately obvious if the price is too high. Such procurements will immediately attract attention," summarised Nadiia Bihun.