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  • Ministry of Social Policy increases support for specialists providing social services to families of fallen Defenders of Ukraine
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 12 May 2023 11:56

    Since 1 May 2023, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, in partnership with the TAPS Charitable Foundation, has organised a series of training seminars for social service providers on working with families of fallen Defenders of Ukraine.

    "Currently, specialists of specialised services have an extraordinary workload due to the full-scale war. Social workers who provide assistance to people also need support. We are doing everything possible to ensure that these specialists remain stable in their work processes and provide quality assistance to those who need it," said Uliana Tokareva, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine.

    The training is aimed at providing psychological support to specialists who provide social services to family members of fallen defenders of Ukraine, developing their professional skills and abilities in communication, self-help and emotional self-regulation, and relying on their own experience and resources.

    Participants work independently on the provided methodological materials and then attend online seminars. During the classes, the specialists share their experience in providing services to families of fallen (deceased) servicemen and servicewomen, work with a psychologist on practical exercises, including those aimed at building quality communication, developing emotional self-regulation skills and maintaining physical and mental health, the ability to gain psychological balance, etc.

    During the first week, specialists from Chernihiv, Chernivtsi and Mykolaiv regions joined the training. Over 1,000 professionals are expected to attend the training as part of this initiative.

    To ensure the active development of civil society, constitutional principles and values, the state is committed to providing a decent support system for social workers to provide qualified assistance to the families of fallen Defenders of Ukraine.