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  • Due to stable operation of the power system, industry increased electricity consumption by over 27% in January
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 28 February 2024 14:20

    This winter, Ukrainian industry consumes significantly more electricity than last year. In particular, in January, enterprises consumed 27.2% more than in the same period last year (2.4 billion kW versus 1.9 billion kW) and 82 million kW more than in the previous winter month.

    Residential electricity consumption also increased. In January 2024, household consumers used 13.5% more electricity than in the same period in 2023 and 101 million kW more than in December 2023.

    “It’s been a year since Ukrainians have been living without hourly blackout schedules. This winter, in particular, we are ending this year in a stable manner – with electricity and heat, despite all the negative forecasts. We managed to achieve such results thanks to the strengthening of air defence and a large-scale repair campaign in the energy sector, which will continue in the future. After all, the stability and reliability of electricity supply for industry and households is the key to the economic stability of the state,” said Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko.

    It is worth noting that the large-scale repair campaign coordinated by the Ministry of Energy resulted in stable operation of the power generation sector over the past year.

    In particular, owing to an optimised and high-quality repair campaign, nuclear power plants generated 10% more electricity in 2023 than planned according to the forecast balance of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine for the year. Thus, NPPs generated half of all electricity in Ukraine. Hydroelectric power plants also exceeded the forecasted electricity generation by 37%. Alternative energy sources likewise slightly improved their production forecasts, generating 2% more than the forecast.

    At the same time, thermal power plants showed a significant deviation from the forecast generation figures. Last year, TPPs generated 24% less electricity than forecast, while CHPPs generated 10% less.

    In January 2024, the upward trend in nuclear and hydro generation continued.

    At the same time, TPPs produced 8.7% less than forecast, and CHPPs – 6.1% less. Due to unfavourable weather conditions, alternative energy sources also produced less than the forecast balance – by 7% less than the forecast balance.

    Overall, in January 2024, electricity generation was almost 23% higher than in the same period in 2023.