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  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine to adjust prices from the National List
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 17 October 2019 17:14

    The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will set price margins for medicines from the National List. An appropriate price register has been approved. This measure will allow for preventing overpricing of medicines independently purchased by healthcare institutions through Prozorro. This means that institutions will be able to provide even more free medication to their patients during inpatient treatment. The relevant order was issued on October 11, 2019.

    Last year, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) conducted an analysis and found that prices for certain medications included in the National List of Essential Medicines were inflated. The AMCU made recommendations and, accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution in April. A register of marginal wholesale prices for certain medicines included in the National List of Essential Medicines has been established.

    Under the National List of Essential Medicines, hospitals purchase the items contained in it in the first wave. It consists of 427 medicines with proven efficacy and is based on a list of essential medicines recommended by WHO. About 60 pharmaceuticals in it are popular medicines most commonly prescribed to Ukrainians.

    Prices shall be adjusted according to a reference pricing model. In 5 neighboring countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latvia), the prices for medicines are compared. The marginal price for the medicines on the National List will be set on the basis of the median price of the three lowest reference prices if relevant price data are available in the reference countries. Also, a price reduction coefficient of 0.9 will be applied in the process of price adjustment, since the level of income and solvency in Ukraine is lower than in the countries taken for price comparison. In case price data in all reference countries are absent, no reference is made.

    The price limit shall be applied to some active substances from the National List that are purchased for budget funds. It is applicable only to those medicines, the price of which in Ukraine is higher than the prices in the reference countries and for which the sales volume in the last 12 months makes up over UAH 5 million. The reference price is calculated for 23 international off-patent names of medicines (drug substances).

    The relevant register of marginal wholesale prices for certain medicines, which are included in the National List of Essential Medicines, and purchased for budgetary funds, will be updated on annual basis in January.