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  • Viktor Liashko holds the first meeting of the headquarters for elimination of the consequences of the biomedical and biological state-level emergency
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 26 March 2020 15:01

    On the outcomes of a briefing held at the Ministry of Health today on March 26, it was announced that the Deputy Minister of Health, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine, Viktor Liashko will  chair the state-level medico-biological emergency headquarters. The headquarters will operate around the clock.

    The headquarters was established this morning, at which Viktor Liashko held the first meeting and instructed all heads of regional state administrations, by 4:00 p.m. today, to create the relevant headquarters in the regions that will cooperate with the central headquarters, to organize the work and to appoint the heads.

    During the meeting there were appointed the representatives of state authorities to be engaged in the elimination of the consequences of an emergency. At present they are respresentatives of the Ministry of Health, the State Emergency Service, Ministry for Communities and Territories Development, National Police and State Border Guard Service. This list will be extended in accordance with the tasks set.

    Apart from that, during the briefing it was informed about the Ministry of Health's recommendations on disinfection, individual protection of workers, public transport and catering services that continue to operate. And today the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Liashko will approve them with a corresponding resolution.

    Moreover, Viktor Liashko together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs held a teleconference call with heads of regional structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and regional sanitary doctors. The meeting participants shaped a joint action plan and discussed issues of self-isolation of persons who signed informed consent to it and the establishment of health-care supervision of such people, issues of cooperation, as well as compliance with the conditions of self-isolation and control by police officers.

    At the end of the briefing, the Ministry of Health once again emphasized that quarantine is not a vacation. If you people do not go to work, it does not mean that they should visit friends. The Ministry of Health urges to stay at home. Self-isolation is the new life philosophy of all concerned people around the world.

    The Ministry of Health strongly recommends citizens to refrain from visiting crowded places and minimize contact, where possible, to use online services, including for purchasing food.