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  • Government set up Business Protection Commission and approved bill for the transfer of dormitories to territorial communities
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 16 October 2019 15:16

    Today, October 16, at its meeting, the Government of Ukraine established Business Protection Commission within the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This body will be responsible for the analysis of the state of affairs and causes of problems in businesses in the process of implementation of public policy and will study the work of central administration and local authorities in order to create better conditions for protecting businesses from the illegal influence of the state or local government bodies.

    Besides, the Government approved the procedure and conditions of the professional liability insurance of insolvency official in order to reduce the potential damage caused by mistakes or unintentional actions during the bankruptcy proceedings. From now on the losses will be compensated by insurance payments. The document was designed in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Ukraine on Bankruptcy Proceedings, which will come into force on October 21, 2019.

    Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers canceled an order for the transfer of the entire Kalush Thermal Station property complex to the ownership of the Kalush territorial community. Therefore, the TPP will remain in the ownership of the State Enterprise Kalush Teploelectrotsentral-Nova.

    Apart from that, the Government recognized as sustainable another 10 consolidated territorial communities in 9 regions of Ukraine. From now on, those communities will have better financial opportunities to develop their local infrastructure, in particular roads of local importance, construction and maintenance of schools, kindergartens, public utilities, and improving the quality of services for residents of such communities.

    With another decision, the Government approved a bill “On a National Target Program for the Transfer of Dormitories to the Ownership of Territorial Communities for 2020-2021”. The document allows the Government to transfer dormitories, which were in the authorized capital of the former state and communal enterprises, etc., to the ownership of territorial communities. This will enable the overhaul of such hostels as well as ensuring decent living conditions for those citizens and their families who already live in such hostels.

    A series of organizational decisions were adopted by the Government at its session thereby streamlining the work of territorial authorities. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers merged the territorial units of the State Customs Service into one legal entity and granted them the status of separate units in order to optimize the work of the service and simplify the management.

    Personnel decisions:

    At its meeting, October 16, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Stanislav Kovalevskyy as Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection, Valentyn Petrov as Head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, as well as Yulia Belova and Yeleiko Taras as deputy chairs to the State Property Fund.

    The Government also approved the appointment of Yurii Tarasiuk as chairman of the Korosten district state administration of Zhytomyr region, and the appointment of Yulia Kostiunina as deputy chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration.

    In addition, the Government supported the announcement of the competition for the post of the Secretary of State to the Ministry of Health, and extended until October 17 the deadline for competitions for the posts of heads of the State Service of Export Control, State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, State Forest Resources Agency and until October 22 – of the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects.

    Besides, the Government appointed Oleksiy Maskovskyy as acting Director of the State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port”.

    Government set up Business Protection Commission and approved bill for the transfer of dormitories to territorial communities