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  • Yevhen Horovets: Business Protection Commission will be established within Government
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 16 October 2019 15:42

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Resolution “On the Establishment of the Business Protection Commission”, elaborated by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. First Deputy Minister of Justice Yevhen Horovets told.

    According to him, the document is aimed at protecting business from unlawful encroachments by state government bodies, local governments, public law entities, their officials and employees, other persons authorized to perform the functions of state or local governments, persons assimilated thereto, preventing the obstruction of the legitimate activity of commercial entities.

    “The Resolution provides for the establishment of a Business Protection Commission responsible for coordinating the actions of executive authorities and creating effective mechanisms for resolving problematic issues in this area. The Commission will function as a temporary advisory body to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,” said Yevhen Horovets.

    It is envisaged that the Commission will engage in the analysis of the state of affairs and the causes of problems in the pursuing of state policy on business protection; in study of the results of activities of central and local executive authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations in matters within its competence; in monitoring the state of implementation by the central and local executive authorities of the tasks assigned to them on the business protection issues; in participating in the development of draft regulatory acts on business protection and submission to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposals and recommendations developed on the basis of its work.

    Apart from that, the Resolution regulates organizational issues of the Commission's activity, in particular, the form of work of the Commission, the powers of Chairman, deputy, secretary and members of the Commission, the procedure for consideration of appeals sent to the Commission.

    "The adopted Resolution shall create the proper conditions to protect business from unlawful interference by state and local governments," the First Deputy Minister of Justice emphasized.