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  • Environmental Security and Climate Adaptation Strategy until 2030 adopted
    Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, posted 20 October 2021 17:50

    Today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Environmental Security and Climate Adaptation Sttategy until 2030. It is designed to increase environmental safety, reduce the effects and consequences of climate change in Ukraine.

    The implementation of the Strategy is aimed at fulfilling Ukraine’s international obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the effects of global climate change. The main environmental threats to Ukraine are a significant level of air, water and land resources pollution, an imperfect system of state supervision (control) and environmental monitoring. Moreover, a critical situation occurred with the formation, accumulation, storage, processing, and disposal of waste. 

    According to the Strategy, the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in Ukraine are such socio-economic sectors as: biodiversity, water resources, energy, public health, forestry, coastal areas, fisheries, agriculture, soils, etc. And these are the areas the main activities of the Government within the framework of the document implementation will be aimed at. Stages of implementation of the Strategy for achieving the goals of state policy on environmental safety and adaptation to climate change will be carried out in two stages. As a result of its implementation it is expected:

    • reduction of industrial pollution; 
    • creation of an effective chemical safety system; 
    • ensuring the rational use of natural resources; achieving "good" ecological state of waters; 
    • ensuring sustainable forest management and increasing the adaptive capacity of forest ecosystems; 
    • creation of legal and economic bases for introduction of hierarchy of waste management; 
    • increasing the efficiency of the state system of environmental impact assessment and state supervision (control) in the field of environmental protection; 
    • conservation of biodiversity and ensuring the development of nature reserve fund of Ukraine;
    • strengthening the adaptability and resilience of social, economic and environmental systems to climate change; 
    • stabilization of ecological balance in the temporarily occupied territories, etc.

    The Strategy will be implemented in accordance with the developed and approved Operational Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy for Environmental Security and Climate Adaptation until 2030, which sets out measures for the next three years.