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  • Vaccination against COVID-19 triggers in Ukraine today
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 24 February 2021 12:42

    A vaccination campaign against COVID-19 is starting in Ukraine today. The first vaccines were directed to the regions at 7 a.m. The objective is to immunize as soon as possible so that doctors receive protection in time. This was emphasized by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxym Stepanov during the briefing.

    The Minister of Health noted that as a result of his visit to India it had proved possible to solve several strategic issues: to accelerate the delivery of the vaccine to Ukraine, to agree on additional batches and to hold talks for the short term.

    "Ukraine is provided with vaccines for the first and second stages in accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Health and has agreements for vaccination for the next stages. We have received a reliable vaccine from a world-renowned manufacturer - the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca (Covishield), which meets safety and quality standards and is widely used by leading countries in both Europe and the world," said Maxym Stepanov.

    Also during their stay in India, the Ukrainian team managed to agree on additional batches of the American vaccine NovaVax and to pre-contract vaccines from other manufacturers, including the Indian "Kovaksin" from "Bharat Biotech". The vaccine has undergone three stages of clinical trials, the last of which involved more than 25,000 participants. The results of these tests have been published in the world-renowned scientific journals The Lancet and The NatureResearch.

    The researchers concluded that the vaccines were effective and safe. The medication has already received permission for use in emergency conditions. We have agreements on the potential supply of this vaccine to Ukraine.

    As of today, Ukraine expects the following deliveries of vaccines:

    Pfizer – over 100,000 doses.

    Sinovac – around 2,000,000 doses.

    AstraZeneca (CoviShield) – almost 4,000,000 doses.

    NovaVax – 15,000,000 doses with the term of supply around July of the current year.

    "The vaccination program in Ukraine is implemented on schedule and in accordance with the Roadmap of the Ministry of Health. We did our utmost to ensure that our doctors, and aftermath all Ukrainians, to receive safe, effective and high-quality vaccines from world-renowned manufacturers," said Maxym Stepanov.

    It should be noted that at the first stage of the immunization process, doctors working with COVID patients, ambulance brigades, laboratory staff testing for COVID-19, residents and staff of nursing homes, and the military at the frontline will be vaccinated.