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  • I count that there will be no disruption of the heating season this year in Smila and it depends on the efficiency of local authorities, says Hennadii Zubko

    I expect that this year there won’t be a failure with the start of the heating season in Smila, and all residents will receive heating supplies in time! It all depends on the efficiency of the local authorities – both municipal and regional. To the Smila residents - no questions arise, they pay all the bills for housing and communal services on a timely basis, the level of payments makes up 101%; they actively establish condominiums and select managers - here we have the best showings in the region. Hennadii Zubko, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, said in a statement at the Cherkasy Regional State Administration during a working visit with the President of Ukraine.

    “We, as the Government, have provided all the necessary tools and assistance to start the heating season on time. What is critical to do - in February, the Ministry of Regional Development (Construction, Housing and Communal Services) approved the city's heat supply scheme. But it is crucial to ensure local authorities working well on the efficiency of this system. Secondly, we have provided the opportunity to the Smilakomunteploenerho utility enterprise to restructure its debts to Naftogaz for 60 months. But the level of paying off debts for these obligations is rather low, which jeopardizes receipt from the NJSC Naftogaz of a nomination for gas supply for the heating season. Therefore, the municipal administration must find the strength and resources in the amount of UAH 3,100,000 (for settlement of debts with NJSC), enter into a normal restructuring regime and receive a nomination. Thirdly, it is necessary to establish order with the boiler rooms in the city, to optimize their work: to ensure additional loading for some of those and to freeze the use of others. And the last thing is to stop the practice of chaotic outage of consumers from district heating, as it used to be in the previous two non-heating periods, which in the future leads to an increase in bills for heating services provision”, Hennadii Zubko emphasized.

    According to the official, CE Smilakomunteploenerho is included in the list of enterprises to be inspected in accordance with the decision of the Government. After all, the company has one of the highest tariffs for heating supply in the country - UAH 2,300. It is necessary to check: where the money is spent and why the debts are accumulated when the people pay 100% for the services provided. “A key principle of our future work is to check the efficiency of each communal heating provider. Every citizen of the city must stand assured of the fact that the money he/she pays for the service to the heating provider is transferred to NJSC Naftogaz”, Hennadii Zubko emphasized.