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  • Hennadii Zubko: Ukraine launches first open geospatial data portal for communities

    Ukraine launches first open geospatial data portal for communities. It is the first tool for smart community management. It contains over 100 datasets from 40 sources and 13 tips on how to use them.

    This was announced by Hennadii Zubko, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

    "Data on economic development, industry, recreational potential, construction, up-to-date and high-precision data on soils, crops, even weather, etc. are everything necessary for each particular community to adopt different decisions and ensure further development. But all this data is scattered across different sources. To address the challenge of finding a range of data that has a specific geographic location, the E-Solution for Community Project team has created a GIS-DATA portal. It combines a simple, structured into the rubrics geospatial layers and various analytical E-solutions aimed at innovative community development and filling local budgets. By implementing analytic e-solutions, most of which are built on the geospatial layers from the Portal, communities are provided with tools to enable them to:

    • grow budget revenues;

    • manage their assets effectively;

    • solve environmental problems;

    • monitor the environment;

    • predict the development of adverse natural phenomena (erosion, landslides, flooding, etc.);

    • manage the social infrastructure network and others”.

    The E-Solutions for Communities project was designed to help communities to switch to Governance 2.0, based on analyzed and verified data using IT. The Center for Innovation Development is being implemented with the support of the ULEAD Program with Europe.