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  • Address by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a session of the Government
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 18 October 2022 18:09

    Вear colleagues, fellow Ukrainians.

    russian troops continue their terror and attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure. They have been trying to destroy our energy infrastructure for more than a week. During this time, several dozen energy facilities were damaged.

    Today, other missile strikes were launched on the energy sector in Zhytomyr region, Dnipropetrovsk region, Kharkiv region, Mykolaiv region, Donetsk region and in the city of Kyiv. Six energy facilities were hit. In the morning, power was cut off in Zhytomyr and a number of settlements in the region, in the left bank of Kyiv. Currently, activities are underway to restore the power supply.

    Therefore, of course, many Ukrainians are now concerned about the following. Can our infrastructure withstand the next attacks? Can we promptly restore what was destroyed? How long will our reserves last?

    During this week, we have proved that we can promptly restore and return to work most of the power grids. The occupiers will not be able to make Ukraine a dark place on the world map. For this purpose, energy workers, rescuers, local authorities, and the Government are working in intensified regime. Everyone doing his/her job. Everyone knows what to do. We will restore everything.

    When you turn on the lights today, remember the people who enable it. About our energy workers. About those who give hope and light. Without exaggeration, these people work 24 hours a day to overcome the consequences of russian terror. Dozens of maintenance crews are doing everything they can to ensure the supply of electricity to our homes.

    Each of us can say thank you to them. And now this gratitude implies a commitment to limit the consumption of electricity. Yesterday, during the evening peak, the level of electricity consumption in Kyiv decreased by 10% compared to the previous day, in the entire central region - by 8%. However, in general, the level of consumption in Ukraine during the evening peak of previous day increased by 1.8%. The growth occurred at the expense of the western and northern regions of Ukraine.

    I want to emphasize once again that the maximum saving of electricity is what we ask each Ukrainian citizen to do. It particularly applies to the evening hours. From 17:00 to 23:00, do not use washing machines, boilers, air conditioners, heaters. Limit the use of electric kettles and electric stoves. Turn off the lights in rooms when you are out. Postpone repair work to daytime. I appeal to businesses: turn off luminous signs and unnecessary lighting. Every kilowatt of energy that Ukrainians do not waste will provide additional stability to our energy system.

    The responsible departments have developed a detailed complex of economical electricity consumption by the population, enterprises, institutions and organizations in the conditions of martial law, in particular during the period of maximum load in peak hours. The mentioned series of measures for sustainable electricity consumption will allow for pragmatic and effective application of power cuts if necessary.

    russian troops will continue their terror and attacks on energy facilities. In response, we will continue our thorough preparations for the heating season. We engage in accumulating resources. We are forming reserves. Now the housing stock, hospitals, and schools in non-frontline communities demonstrate almost 100% readiness for the heating season.

    14 billion 135 million cubic meters of gas have been pumpted in our underground storages.

    Capacities for imports from EU countries, if necessary, are also prepared. Coal in storage facilities is twice as much as last year for the same period.

    The Government has allocated more than UAH 4.5 billion for rapid recovery. This money was transferred to local authorities to restore all infrastructure facilities.

    The Government shall endorse today a Resolution that provides for the launch of the Recovery program within the framework of the Energy Efficiency Fund. Accordingly, the Fund's resources can now also be used to finance construction works for the partial restoration of residential buildings damaged as a result of russia's military aggression.

    Meanwhile, as we are getting ready for the upcoming heating season, we prolonge a rather crucial activity aimed to increase assistance from international partners.

    Today, Ukraine received another tranche of macro-financial aid to the tune of EUR 2 billion from the European Union. We also received almost USD 2 billion from partners last week. USD 1.3 billion was provided by the International Monetary Fund and another EUR 550 million - by the European Investment Bank.

    These are extremely important resources now, which will help us finance all critical expenses.

    Next year, the state will continue implementation of all significant programs to stimulate the economy and support businesses. Today, the Government will submit a bill to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine aimed to improve the provisions of the Law on investment nannies. Despite the war, we have at once seven applications from large investors who are now ready to invest, provide new jobs and export earnings. We propose that from now on, the preferences of this law apply to projects starting from EUR 12 million instead of starting from EUR 20 million. In addition, the areas in which relevant projects can be implemented will expand. Inter alia, they will cover the production of energy-efficient building materials, climate equipment, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as hot water supply systems. the above changes would promote businesses investing hundreds of millions in projects critical for both the economy and the country.

    In these days when the enemy is trying to break and intimidate us, it is more important than ever to keep going. Everyone is where they should be. Work, help each other. Let's keep in line.

    Glory to Ukraine!

    Address by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a session of the Government