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  • Prime Minister at a meeting of Association of CCs: We are committed to creating sustainable communities, which means new development opportunities
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 21 February 2019 11:48

    The Government was and remains committed to the fundamental idea of local self-government reform, in particular, creation of sustainable consolidated communities (CCs) which encompasses new opportunities for development both for regions and for the country. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the general assembly of the Association of consolidated communities.

    The Prime Minister recalled that the idea of decentralization, changes in the system of local authorities have been voicing since 2006. However, the  vertical power structure existing at that time was not able not only to implement these changes, but also to accept all developments. "And as a result  a total collapse of medicine, education system and infrastructure which led to dissatisfaction of people. Changes in this system (kicked off in 2014) gave new opportunities,"Volodymyr Groysman said.

    According to the Head of Government, the first stage of decentralization - the creation of communities - Ukraine has passed. The next stage designed to ensure the irreversibility and steadfastness of the reform will offer new opportunities for 100% of the population of Ukraine.

    "We have to resolve this problem not in  10 years, but in 2020. We need to make every effort to consolidate the self-government in the Constitution of Ukraine as well as to clearly define the distribution of powers on the principle of subsidiarity, guarantees of financial security. We need a new law on local self-government bodies and better coordination of local authorities. We have a plan to be completed by 2020. And then, after the local elections will be held, we get a new system protected by the Constitution, which will have a new, capable territorial basis with secured financial guarantees, with efficient state control. This plan also encapsulates  the development of local democracy. It is incredibly important to  constantly coordinate our positions with thoughts of people. The billions  that are concentrated in local budgets must be used effectively",  the Prime Minister underscored.

     The PM stressed that the consolidation of communities and the continuation of the reform is momentous.

    "We are committed to creating sustainable communities, and thus enabling further development. What have we embarked on decentralization for? To ensure a new quality of services and life of our citizens", said Volodymyr Groysman. "I stand for the creating of a new quality of education, medicine, infrastructure and a new quality of the economy, and it is our mission. The basis for effective achievement of goals is effective local self-government."


    On January 23, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in the framework of a policy to increase local government opportunities, initiated the transition to a new stage of the decentralization reform, which envisages consolidating of gains and the formation of capable communities, a change in the territorial structure, a clear distribution of powers and functions of control over various levels of management, and active development of forms of local democracy, in which residents can express their opinions on various issues, not from the elections to the elections, but at any time. The new stage is aimed to introduce and consolidate the changes by 2020 so that to hold local elections already on a new legislative and territorial basis. Now Ukraine has 876 sustainable communities, local budgets have grown substantially - up to almost UAH 234 billion. The agricultural lands of 1.5 million hectares have been transferred to the ownership of the amalgamated communities. The new stage envisages the formation of 100 capable areas and 1600-1800 capable communities, consolidating the financial sufficiency of local governments, establishing an effective management system, and streamlining the system of public control avoiding duplication of functions.

    Prime Minister at a meeting of Association of CCs: We are committed to creating sustainable communities, which means new development opportunities