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  • Strengthening Ukraine’s cybersecurity: Ministry of Digital Transformation and ECSO sign memorandum of cooperation
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 06 December 2023 14:45

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) have signed a memorandum of cooperation. This will help strengthen Ukraine’s cybersecurity, accelerate its integration into the European digital space, and deepen cooperation in the areas of public awareness and digital transformation.

    “The agreement with the ECSO is an important step towards strengthening the digital security of our country and deepening cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of cybersecurity. This memorandum will allow us to work together to develop cybersecurity in Ukraine and improve the skills of our specialists. It will also facilitate the development and entry into European markets of Ukrainian start-ups working in this field,” said Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine George Dubynskyi.

    The memorandum will help strengthen Ukraine’s cyber defence system in line with international standards. It will also provide access to the EU cybersecurity market for Ukrainian companies and specialists. In addition, cooperation with the ECSO will help to:

    • provide Ukrainian specialists with access to training resources for advanced training and professional development;
    • organise the promotion of Ukrainian start-ups in the field of cyber defence and attract investors;
    • provide support for scientific and technical projects.