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  • Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture to allocate more than 90 billion hryvnias for state support programs in the next 3 years
    Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, posted 27 February 2020 11:11

    Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture has forged a budget declaration for 2021-2023 and proposed to allocate over 90 billion hryvnias for support of priority areas: industry, agriculture, exports.

    Agricultural sector.

    The amount of support for increasing agricultural output, development of agro-industrial enterprises and ensuring food security and stability of markets for the next three years in total makes up UAH 45.52 billion is distributed in the following directions:

    Financial support for agricultural producers - UAH 40.9 billion

    Partial Credit Guarantee Fund - UAH 3.12 billion

    Loans to farmers – UAH 1.5 billion

    Export. The amount of support that will increase the country's export potential is a total of UAH 12.41 billion:

    Support and promotion of exports - UAH 410 million

    Export Credit Agency - UAH 6.0 billion

    Interest on exporters' loans - UAH 6.0 billion

    Industry. It is planned to allocate over UAH 32.65 billion in different directions, in particular:

    Aviation development - UAH 16.9 billion

    Compensation of credits for the purchase of production equipment - UAH 6.0 billion

    Co-financing of smart projects specialization of regions - UAH 6.75 billion.

    Establishment of the Energy Efficiency Fund in Industry - UAH 3.0 billion

    It should be stressed that export programs include support to industrial enterprises. Thus, the total amount of support for the industry can be increased.

    Apart from that, it is planned to disburse a sum worth UAH 45 million for export support and promotion programs in 2020.

    In addition to financial support, the state supports the professional development of people for their more successful employment. In particular:

    The training program of the State Employment Service for the unemployed from the basics of entrepreneurship, with a total budget of programs UAH 386 million for 2020;

    Entrepreneurship training within the program Affordable Loans at 5-7-9%.