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  • Results of testing for new coronavirus in Novi Sanzhary: all 48 people are healthy
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 26 February 2020 17:05

    The first results of testing for coronavirus in Novi Sanzhary’s observation site were made public. The results of all 48 tests are negative. The second part of the results is expected to be received by the doctors tomorrow, and the results of the staff of the sanatorium in Novi Sanzhary will be known on Friday. This was reported by the members of the operational headquarters in Novi Sanzhary, Poltava region.

    "We got the first results of the medical analysis: all 48 samples are negative. Now we know for sure that these people do not have a COVID-19", said Anton Turupalov, a member of the operational headquarters, advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

    The members of the operation headquarters also emphasized that the incubation period of the new coronavirus and, accordingly, the observation period is 14 days, only on the condition that no cases of new coronavirus disease are detected among the people under observation.

    At the same time, according to the advisor to the Prime Minister, in case of detection of the coronavirus, Poltava region is ready to provide all necessary assistance: "Poltava region, like other regions of Ukraine, is fully ready to respond promptly to cases of the new coronavirus."

    The Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital was determined as a hub hospital for the potential hospitalization of persons infected with coronavirus, appropriate training of specialists on evacuation and hospitalization was conducted there, three ambulance cars were allocated.

    In addition, he noted that, in line with the Government's order, each region had developed relevant anti-epidemiological plans, as well as established regional anti-epidemiological commissions, as advisory bodies to the RSA healthcare departments to respond promptly to the situation.

    Besides, due to the introduction of enhanced security measures at airports, the staff controls the temperature of people entering the country. Temperature screening is also carried out at designated points of entry on the western border of the country.

    "Epidemiologists, ambulances work at these points and specialists are geared up to respond promptly if necessary according to the elaborated by the Government plan," Anton Turupalov said.

    Ihor Kuzin informed that Lviv, Chernivtsi and Zakarpattia regions, which admit the largest amount of people traveling from Italy, will be the first to receive the coronavirus test kits by the end of the current week - beginning of next week while specialists will undergo appropriate training.

    Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko stressed that all law enforcement agencies – the National Police, National Guard, State Emergency Service, State Border Guard Service – are working to ensure that the people under observation are protected and that all residents are safe." According to him, enhanced patrol in Novi Sanzhary will be maintained until the end of the observation period.

    The members of the operational headquarters stressed that the Government was keeping the situation under control and was taking the necessary measures to prevent the entry and spread of the new coronavirus throughout Ukraine.