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  • Pavlo Rozenko: We have reached the trajectory of sustainable growth of the economy and social standards
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 01 March 2019 10:48

    Over the past four years, Ukraine has switched from the pre-default conditions to the stable growth of the economy and social standards. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko on the TV channel ZIK.

    "We assumed office in the midst of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine when Crimea was annexed within a few months and a large part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions was captured. On the treasury accounts, the previous government had left several hundred thousand hryvnias, while only the Pension Fund's expenditures amounted to about 15 billion hryvnias monthly. At that difficult time, we were able not only to save the state as an institution. In particular, in social policy, we were able to ensure, even at the most critical moments, timely payment of pensions and social benefits. And since 2016, we began, though gradual but systematic raising social standards", said Pavlo Rozenko.

    "Now we have reached the trajectory of a full and sustainable increase in social standards and entered the period when, over the past two years, the economy has shown a steady growth trend, we are getting a resource and we can raise wages and pensions. We did huge work to avoid the country's default and move on to improving the living standards of Ukrainians", said the Deputy Prime Minister.