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  • Iryna Friz: A successful veteran is the pledge of an efficient and capable army
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 01 March 2019 09:51

    A successful Ukrainian veteran, like an effective Ukrainian warrior, is a guarantee not only of the prosperous future of our country, but also of peace and prosperity of the whole civilized world. Minister of Veterans Affairs Iryna Friz emphasized during the 10-th Annual US-Ukraine Security Dialogue, entitled Taking Measure of Russia's Hybrid War Against Ukraine. Every year, the forum brings together politicians, experts, civil society representatives in Washington to discuss ways to strengthen Ukraine-US cooperation, in particular in the area of security.

    Minister for Veterans Affairs Iryna Friz noted that these days Ukraine is engaged in a dedicated fight against aggressor number one in the world. And this struggle yields the result, also due to the staunch support of the United States of America.

    The Minister noted that Ukraine, through the hybrid war, had actually become a geopolitical center for the struggle for democratic values, for the freedoms and human rights that underpinned the societies that are prospering, and stressed that we were united by the same values.

    "In this struggle, the pivotal role is attributed to care about the Ukrainian warrior on the battlefield and after his return home. Hence, we are aware that the policy of re-socialization and reintegration of combatants, involving our veterans in an effective civilian life is one of the priorities of the national security of Ukraine", said Iryna Friz.

    The Minister reminded that at the end of 2018, the Ministry for Veterans Affairs had been established in Ukraine and assured that she wanted to adopt a long and fruitful tradition of proper respect for veterans of the United States.

    "I see enormous potential for our cooperation, for exchange in experiences, technologies and rehabilitation techniques, joint search for new methods of adaptation, rehabilitation and re-socialization, the introduction of new programs aimed at filling the lives of our veterans with new content, providing them with the necessary services and services from the state", the Minister stressed.

    At the conclusion of her speech during the US-Ukraine Security Dialogue, Iryna Friz expressed confidence that a successful veteran is a guarantee of an effective and capable army. This is the confidence of each serviceman in the fact that the state stands for them, and that the bravery and courage they demonstrate on the battlefield will elicit a response in the shape of the state care and protection after returning home.

    Iryna Friz: A successful veteran is the pledge of an efficient and capable army