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  • Olga Stefanyshyna: Our task is to create medicine procurement system that will be smoothly integrated into the new healthcare system
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 26 November 2018 18:03

    Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Olga Stefanyshyna spoke in detail in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine on the reform of public procurement, in particular, on the tasks of the newly created procurement agency.

    At present, the Ministry of Healthcare purchases medicines for the state budget funds for a total sum of about $6 billion. Approximately for the same amount, medicines are bought at the local level.

    The plans for 2019 encompass completion and expansion of the reimbursement program: patients will receive some medicines in pharmacies, and the state will cover the cost. This mechanism has proven its efficiency on the example of the Available Medicines program, which was launched from April 2017.

    Medicines under strategic programs , in particular, vaccines or drugs for infectious diseases will continue to be procured at the national level. The National Agency of Medical Procurements will be engaged in such purchases.  SOE Medical Procurements of Ukraine will announce tenders, conduct procurement, deliver medicines to the hospital and monitor the availability of medications.