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  • Olena Zelenska and the Ministry of Digital Transformation launch Diia.Bezbaryernist – a section with services for people who need assistance the most
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 02 December 2020 18:58

    The team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation has been working for over a year to make Ukraine the most convenient country in the world with services available to all.

    Now, at the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska, the Ministry of Digital Transformation is launching the Diia. Bezbaryernist (Barrier-free life) project. This will be a section with services for people who need help the most. These are the elderly, people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, people with limited mobility and others.

    Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov during a meeting with First Lady Olena Zelenska noted that now the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on more than a thousand services:

    "We have launched the fastest business registration in the world, the service e-Maliatko, etc. But these services cover different audiences. And now we will develop all services for one specific audience - it will be a small model of the digital state. For us the support of the First Lady and the United Nations Development Program is of paramount importance. Our common goal is that people with disabilities, young people, parents, the elderly can quickly and easily find all the necessary information about benefits and their rights. Every Ukrainian citizen will have access to public services whenever and wherever it is convenient for him/her."

    The Diia. Barrier-Free section of the Diia (Action) portal will describe government services available online and offline. The platform will help you find out in a few clicks what support the state provides, where to turn and what is necessary for that. Everything about benefits, your rights, employment instructions and retraining programs.

    The project is launched as part of the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska on barrier-free life. The main goal is to provide equal opportunities for all Ukrainians and provide the easiest possible access to services for people who need extra attention. Diia. Bezbaryernist will be a convenient directory of services following the example of the UK Government Portal.

    "The idea of creating a special section in the Diia came up in the summer, during the "Big Talk on Barrier-Free Life". At that time, more than 37,000 people took part in a survey conducted on the portal, 94% of whom said they saw barriers around them. There are a number of barriers. But I'm sure they seem invincible only at the start. And when caring people unite around the solution to the problem, the project will definitely be successful," said First Lady Olena Zelenska.

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on this project with the support of UNDP, which conducts grant competitions to support digital accessibility. In particular, it is planned to create educational courses, employment instructions for employers and job seekers.

    UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Dafina Gercheva offered to Ukraine support in developing a nationwide culture of designing truly barrier-free e-services, as well as in checking the availability of basic, existing tools and improving them so that every Ukrainian, regardless his / her physical capabilities is able to receive services from the state and have access to opportunities.

    "We at the UNDP firmly believe that society will never be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals without the involvement of everyone, including people with disabilities," said Ms. Gercheva. "We support and will continue to support the state's commitment to an inclusive approach to the provision of e-services, which ensures that no one is left unattended, providing equal opportunities for all in both the physical and virtual environments."

    Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration Valeria Ionan stressed that the Ministry of Digital Transformation is always guided by the principles of inclusiveness in the development of products and solutions.

    "It's a European approach. We responsibly ensure equal access to our products for all citizens without exception. We create such products that meet the needs and capabilities of every Ukrainian," said Valeria Ionan.

    With the support of UNDP and the Government of Denmark, two new barrier-free educational series will be launched on the Diia.Digital Education platform: Barrier-Free Literacy and State Without Barriers. The series "Barrier-free literacy" will be interesting for most Ukrainians. From it, citizens learn more about the issue of accessibility, join in promoting the values of inclusion and diversity. "State without barriers" is for civil servants who work in state and municipal bodies and need knowledge of new state approaches to barrier-free life and how they can use a barrier-free approach in their work.

    11 educational series in sign language are already available on the Diia.Digital Education platform: "Electronic Signature", "Basic Digital Skills" and others.

    In addition, by the end of 2020, an educational series created with the support of the East Europe Foundation will be released - "Digital Opportunities for People with Disabilities", including sign language translation. Also, by the end of 2020, the first series with Ukrainian subtitles "Lending and Consumer Protection" will appear.

    Ukraine will also receive funding for electronic and inclusive services for vulnerable groups under the DIA Support Program from the Government of Sweden and UNDP.