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  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine launches Wartime Diplomacy website
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 29 February 2024 12:53

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has launched a “Wartime Diplomacy” website that documents Ukrainian wartime diplomacy during the period of Russia’s full-scale aggression and presents a conclusive review of the diplomats’ past two years of work to strengthen Ukraine, encourage international support for our warriors and open new horizons for our state, businesses and citizens in the world. 

    During this time of unprecedented obstacles and challenges, the Ukrainian diplomatic system has re-invented the principles of its diplomatic activity with the aim of achieving critically important results for our state. 

    "In one way or another, the fire of war has burned every Ukrainian region, almost every home, almost every family. But this fire has also burned bridges with the past. For diplomats, it means that our vocabulary no longer has the word ‘impossible.’ Since February 2022, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's diplomatic team has been working in a special mode of wartime diplomacy — exhausting and risky, bold but thoughtful, all while changing the rules of the diplomatic game," said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

    Despite all difficulties, Ukraine, together with partners, created a global coalition in support of its resistance against Russian aggression, mobilized and continues to mobilize an unprecedented scale of military support from partners, confidently advances toward EU accession, maintains global food security, strengthens the sanctions pressure and isolation of the aggressor-state, and fights for justice. 

    Thanks to the coordinated efforts of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s team, Ukraine unlocked political decisions of partners on all seven types of modern weapons which are necessary for our defenders: anti-tank weapons, artillery, MLRS, modern air defense systems, tanks, long-range missiles, and fighter jets. 

    Even during full-scale war, we open new horizons for our state, businesses and citizens in the world, widen our diplomatic presence and encourage investments into the development of our country.

    Ukraine continues to develop the Ukraine Recovery Conference platform, the Ukrainian President’s “Grain From Ukraine” humanitarian initiative, the International Crimea Platform, the Peace Formula proposed by the head of state, as well as other global and strategic initiatives. 

    Within the new horizons policy, our state has initiated the renaissance of Ukrainian-African relations. In 2022-23, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba carried out three diplomatic tours of the African continent and visited Morocco, Rwanda, Mozambique, Liberia, Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea for the first time in the history of bilateral relations. Within the framework of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, nearly 4 million tons of agricultural products were shipped to African countries (Liberia, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, Tunis, Ethiopia, Somalia, Morocco) in 2022-23.

    These and other achievements of Ukrainian wartime diplomacy are illustrated on the “Wartime Diplomacy” website.