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  • Ministry for Veterans Affairs to present its electronic services at international technology conference in Luxembourg
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 26 June 2024 14:06

    Acting Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Oleksandr Porkhun is on a working visit to Luxembourg. Here, he is presenting the Ministry’s electronic services at this year’s International Tech Pulse conference.

    “At the International Tech Pulse conference, we are discussing the digitalisation of the Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine and the development of technologies for veterans. Digitalisation is an important and effective tool in the system of transition from military service to civilian life.

    And as part of its commitments to the EU, the Ministry for Veterans Affairs will implement relevant reforms in the field of veterans’ policy,” said Oleksandr Porkhun.

    In addition, the agenda includes ensuring access to housing for war veterans and family members of fallen defenders of Ukraine, including internally displaced persons whose homes have been destroyed. The EU’s Ukraine Facility programme will finance budget programmes of the Ministry for Veterans Affairs to provide housing for veterans over four years. The total amount of this support is EUR 450 million, said the head of the Ministry for Veterans Affairs.

    Oleksandr Porkhun has already had meetings with great friends of Ukraine – former Luxembourg Minister of Defence François Bausch and former Minister of Culture and Minister of Justice Sam Tanson. They have done a lot to help Ukraine resist russia’s armed aggression. Luxembourg was one of the first countries to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine. And 16% of the defence budget was allocated to help Ukraine.

    “I was honoured to personally thank Mr Bausch and Ms Tanson for their support of Ukraine. Now we are expanding our cooperation in the area of veterans’ policy. I shared my own experience and spoke about the difficult and long way of returning from military service to civilian life,” said the acting Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine.

    He drew the partners’ attention to support issues, including those relating to:

    • medical technologies and, in particular, prosthetics;
    • psychological and sports rehabilitation;
    • development of a network of veterans’ spaces;
    • digitalisation of services.

    “Every day, Ukraine and Ukrainians prove their desire to become an official part of the European community. Mentally, we have been there for a long time,” said Oleksandr Porkhun.