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  • Ministry of Finance publishes presentation of Reforms Matrix prepared by the Government in cooperation with the World Bank
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 20 February 2024 10:19

    Amid the full-scale war, Ukraine continues to implement reforms and performs all its commitments in the framework of cooperation with its partners. During a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine, Minister of Finance Sergii Marchenko presented the Reforms Matrix as of 14 February 2024, which the Government of Ukraine prepared in cooperation with the World Bank.

    The Reforms Matrix provides an overview of the conditionalities and recommendations of Ukraine’s international partners in key sectors and will provide an analytical tool for the effective implementation and monitoring of all planned measures.

    “We have an extensive reform plan for the current year. The matrix includes about 230 conditionalities and recommendations for Ukraine, which were set in cooperation with international partners. More than half of them are unique, while 45% are duplicated in some or another form within different documents,” said Sergii Marchenko.

    The Minister of Finance added that Ukraine is committed to the reform agenda, while there is an urgent need to further prioritise and structure reforms within the framework of the Platform.

    The reform matrix is a “flexible” tool that will be adjusted in line with the agreements with partners, in particular within the framework of the Ukraine Facility, US recommendations, etc.

    Ukraine’s reform measures should be implemented in a way that is most effective in developing the country’s potential.

    The presentation of the Reforms Matrix is available here.