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  • Ministry of Finance works on creating new information and analytical system for budget planning and monitoring of the state budget execution
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 07 May 2024 09:37

    Deputy Minister of Finance for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalisation Oleksandr Hrubiyan spoke about the new digital projects of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine during the Digital Power Summit 2024: Digital Leadership of Communities.

    With the support of the Public Finance Management Support Programme for Ukraine (EU4PFM), the Ministry of Finance is creating a new information and analytical system for budget planning and monitoring of the state budget. This system serves as a source of analytical information and automates the functions of assessing the effectiveness of the management of state budget funds at all stages of the budget process.

    "The system provides a convenient mechanism for accumulating, consolidating and summarising data for the preparation of documents submitted by key spending units to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. The consolidated data obtained are based on primary documents and detailed calculations created by lower-level spending units", Oleksandr Hrubiyan said.

    The Deputy Minister of Finance also reminded about the ease of use of the web portal "Budget for Citizens" which is an official public Internet resource designed to inform the public about the main goals, objectives and priority areas of the budget policy of Ukraine. The portal contains data on the state budget and all local budgets, as well as planned and achieved results of the use of budget funds in an easy-to-understand form.

    Currently, the largest source of information interaction between the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and local financial authorities is the LOGICA information and analytical system for managing the planning and execution of local budgets, which focuses on creating a new level of information interaction for local financial authorities and other participants in the local budget process.

    Oleksandr Hrubiyan said that the National Revenue Strategy until 2030 envisages legislative regulation of additional powers for local governments in terms of administration of local taxes and fees, after which they will have an opportunity to influence the process of administration of budget-forming local taxes, which is currently fully within the scope of powers of tax authorities.