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  • Restoring damaged facilities and increasing generation capacity: German Galushchenko and Kadri Simson host meeting of the International Energy Advisory Council
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 06 May 2024 20:25

    Participants of the High-Level International Energy Advisory Council (comprising energy ministers from all EU and G7 countries) established under the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine discussed the interaction of partners to help the energy sector prepare for the next autumn-winter heating period. The meeting was chaired by German Galushchenko and European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson during her visit to Kyiv. The meeting brought together more than 30 representatives of states and organisations.

    German Galushchenko informed the participants of the meeting about the consequences of the recent massive russian attacks, stressing that they had caused much more damage to the energy system than the attacks of 2022-2023. Thermal power generation suffered particular losses, while hydropower generation facilities and transmission systems were damaged. With the latest attacks, the russians are also trying to damage gas infrastructure facilities.

    "In 2022-2023, we had more reserves, but now the situation is more complicated. This time, our task is to increase generation by all possible means until next winter. It is a matter of our survival. We need equipment, including used equipment, which will help us to carry out repairs and install additional shunting generation capacity," said the Minister of Energy.

    Kadri Simson called on representatives of the international community to use the opportunities of the use the potential of the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, which has proven to be an effective mechanism for procuring energy equipment.

    Particular emphasis was placed on the need for gas turbines, gas piston units, powerful generators and auto-transformers.

    The Minister of Energy of Belgium, presiding in the EU, Tinne van der Straeten, stressed that her country was studying the list of energy sector needs provided by the Ukrainian side to direct additional assistance. Tinne Van der Straeten also noted the need to consolidate the efforts of European countries to strengthen their energy independence from russia. In this context, the Belgian Minister of Energy stressed the importance of sanctions against russia.

    Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State and Coordinator of the G7+ efforts to assist Ukraine's energy sector, in turn, stressed that the group was actively working to mobilise resources to provide appropriate assistance. He also noted the U.S. efforts to finance programmes for Ukraine's economic recovery, including the energy sector. Geoffrey Pyatt also stressed the importance of helping Ukraine protect its gas storage infrastructure, which ensures energy security not only for Ukraine but also for Europe as a whole.

    The participants of the meeting confirmed their intention to continue to assist the Ukrainian energy sector and provide financial, technical support or energy equipment, if possible.

    As a reminder, the High-Level International Energy Advisory Council under the Ministry of Energy was established in autumn 2022 to support and assist Ukrainian energy sector in overcoming the challenges and threats posed by the russian federation's overt energy terrorism.