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  • Ministry of Digital Transformation has opened 6 new Diia.Centers
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 23 December 2021 12:29

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched operation of another 6 Diia.Centers: two in Lutsk, one in each - Shatsk, Yuryivka, Sokyryany and Horodok. Thanks to this, 345,000 Ukrainians gained access to modern public services.

    Diia.Centers are a one-stop-shop with a complex of all necessary for life administrative services for citizens.

    The characteristic features of the new Diia.Centers are as follows:

    - In Lutsk, the centers provide more than 400 administrative services. Visitors can make an appointment by phone or through e-queue. There is operating a documents sharing service, as well as available visiting of the head of the community.

    - In Diia.Center of the Sokyryany community, visitors can use the place with access to the Diia portal and pay the administrative fee by bank card. There is also a conference room and visiting the community head is available.

    - In Shatsky Diia.Center visitors are allowed free legal aid, business advice, coworking area and document sharing. The center is equipped with a place for self-service, as well as everything necessary for the comfortable provision of services for people with disabilities.

    - In Yuryivka, visitors of the center can easily generate a COVID certificate in Diia with the help of administrators and receive free legal aid. All employees of the center were trained in first aid.

    - Everyone can sign up for visiting the Diia.Center of the Horodok community via the electronic queue. The center is connected to Wi-Fi, online monitoring, document sharing, has a self-service space. In addition, the center offers paying administrative fees and utility bills.

    More than 240 CASPs (Centers for Administrative Service Provision – ed.) are working on the transformation into Diia.Centers. In total, there are already 16 Diia.Centers in Ukraine. Information about the Diia.Centers is available on the platform. In addition, on the platform one can find out all the information about the CASPs network, find the nearest center, get a route to it, as well as leave feedback on the service.