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  • Cabinet of Ministers approves Government’s Action Program
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 29 September 2019 23:09

    Today, September 29, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Action Program for the Government.

    The Government has also agreed on a number of staff appointments and dismissals.

    Moreover, at its session the Cabinet of Ministers endorsed a package of draft laws to regulate amber mining activities, the matter was discussed at a meeting with the President on September 2. The changes include, in particular, the abolition of the procedures for additional approval of permits for subsoil use by the respective regional councils, the sale of permits through open electronic auctions, etc.

    Among other things, there was approved a draft law on the legalization of gambling in Ukraine, which stipulates that gambling will be conducted exclusively on the territory of hotels, with use of gambling equipment with software that meets international standards.

    Besides, the Government endorsed a draft law to improve the efficiency of use of funds from the State Regional Development Fund. The changes envisage an increased open competition among projects submitted for funding through the Fund only via transparent competitive procedures after they prove their economic or social efficiency.

    The Government has begun work on cheaper credit instruments for the purchase of agricultural land. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the corresponding order at its meeting.

    Cabinet of Ministers approves Government’s Action Program