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  • Ihor Petrashko discussed with business the mechanisms for implementing new support programs
    Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, posted 15 December 2020 09:49

    The state has launched implementing of 3 new programs to support Ukrainians who may suffer from the January quarantine to be introduced during winter holidays. In particular, these are the following programs: "Assistance to employees and sole proprietors worth UAH 8,000", "Assistance to employers who may lose income due to quarantine" and "One-time compensation for USC".

    Submission of applications for the first of the programs (the so-called "8000 thousand") has been extended until December 31, for the other two documents must be submitted until December 21.

    "Such deadlines have been set, as we plan to make most of the payments by the end of the year. In fact, by the time people will be imposed January quarantine. Our goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs and employees can receive funds before the lockdown and are able to get through this period securely. We tried to make the application procedure as simplified as possible with a minimum list of documents," said Ihor Petrashko, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

    The Minister added that there is a clear List of economic activities that may suffer due to stricter quarantine and which fall under the implementation of programs.

    Taking into account this List, 2 programs are implemented – "UAH 8 thousand" (through the "Diia" portal and "USC Compensation") (through regional State Tax Service).

    The 3rd program "Assistance to employers who may lose income due to quarantine" is not tied to the List and is implemented through regional employment centers.

    "We tried to make the programs as simple as possible and to reach as many people as possible. Now our joint task together with business associations is to inform entrepreneurs and individuals how they should submit documents and together with you to ensure that they are submitted," the Minister stressed.

    The meeting with the Minister gathered together representatives of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, the Entertainment Industry Associations, the European Business Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Film Industry Association of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Restaurant Association, the Malls Club, the Association of Retailers of Ukraine and others.