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  • Dmytro Kuleba called on UN member states to unite around protection of the UN Charter
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 23 February 2023 12:56

    The current situation on the frontlines proves the rf wants war, not peace. The global community must unite around the protection of international law and the UN Charter.

    Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, announced in his statement at the UN General Assembly 11th Emergency Special session in New York.

    The Minister reminded about atrocities and military crime of russia in Ukraine: murder of unarmed civilians, torture and rape, looting, terror, political persecution, indiscriminate shelling, as well as deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure, forcible transfers and deportations of thousands of Ukrainian children.

    According to Minister of Foreign Affairs, for Ukraine, giving up the lawful right to self-defense would mean that such atrocities would be committed all over our territory.

    “No one should be fooled by Russia’s empty calls for negotiations. The current situation on the frontlines proves the rf want war, not peace. There are still some countries that do not want to take Ukraine’s side for various reasons. Well, take the side of the UN Charter, then. Take the side of international law. Take the side of UN General Assembly resolutions. These are our common rules”, stressed Dmytro Kuleba.

    The Minister outlined the key points of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Peace Formula, which embodies Ukraine's vision of ensuring comprehensive, just, and long-term peace and as well as global security.

    He also called badly misplaced the calls to cease delivery of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, as it’s perfectly legitimate to help a nation that has been attacked and is justifiably defending itself.

    “The calls to cease delivery of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine are badly misplaced. The world will drown in chaos if we allow changing borders by force under the disguise of political expediency. With the support of the world, Ukraine can restore its territorial integrity and respect for the UN Charter. This will discourage russia and other aggressors from wanting to attack other nations,” emphasized Dmytro Kuleba.

    In the end, the Minister urged members of the United Nations to support the draft resolution entitled “Principles underlying a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine." The aforementioned resolution will contribute to joint efforts to bring the war to an end as well as protect the fundamental principles of international law and the UN Charter.