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  • No queues and visits to state agencies: from now on, one can change the place of residence in 10 minutes in the app or on the portal
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 02 August 2023 11:29

    We are bringing back one of the most long-awaited services in Diia - from now on, one can change their place of residence in the app and on the portal. The service is now available for women, children and men of non-conscription age.

    "Change of residence is one of the most popular services in Diia. We have improved the service, removed the human factor and automated the processes. Ukrainians will be able to change their place of residence quickly and conveniently on their smartphones. No queues, no paperwork, no visits to the CASPs," said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development, Minister of Digital Transformation.

    Previously, to change a place of residence, one had to collect documents and attend a CASP or a specialised institution at the place of registration. First, to make an appointment for a certain time, then to change the place of registration, and then to get an extract about the place of residence. The whole process took several days.

    With the Diia service, one does not need to take these steps, which saves time. Moreover, one can change their place of residence from anywhere in the world. From now on, for Ukrainians who register in their own or a sole proprietor's home, the place of residence will be changed automatically. This will speed up the process of receiving the service and save you time.

    To change your place of residence in the Diia app, you must be over 14 years old or 18 if you are changing your child's place of residence. You must also have a tax number and an ID card or international passport in Diia. Holders of booklet passports can use the service on the Diia portal.

    The team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation is currently working with the Ministry of Defence to restore the service of change of residence for men of conscription age.

    The service was developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Migration Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with the support of the EGAP Programme implemented by the East Europe Foundation and funded by Switzerland.

    More details can be found at the Ministry of Digital Transformation website.