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  • PM initiates establishment of administrative service centres of the Transparent Office type across the country
    posted 24 April 2017 13:35

    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman urges to establish Centres for administrative and social service provision (CASP) the Transparent Office applied on the one-stop-shop principle all across the country. He said this during a meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities that is taking place in Kharkiv.

    Before the meeting the Head of Government got acquainted with the operation of two such centers, offering a wide spectrum of services - over 200 different services: starting with business and property registration and ending with the issuance of electronic pension certificates in Kharkiv.

    "Throughout several years we have devolved sufficient funds and powers to the local authorities to optimize delivery of services. We have triggered changes within the system, last year approved pilot projects for 5 cities to set up centres of administrative services so that a person could come to one place and after up to 20 minutes in the queue could have a particular service under transparent conditions. This is our ideology, we will promote it all around the country. And the most important thing is to ensure people do their job on the ground - the Government will help", assured Volodymyr Groysman.