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  • Decentralization process has already resulted into increased local budgets, however requires local authorities to take on maximum liability, says PM in the course of a meeting of the AUC
    posted 24 April 2017 12:54

    One of the key reforms which is being undertaken now by the Government - a decentralization reform has already opened an opportunity to increase local budgets by 30-40%, along with the opportunities however this reform demands for a great accountability. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities which takes place in Kharkiv.

    “The significant reform – decentralization calls for maximum liability. Local budgets have increased 30-40%, we started to form the basis for amalgamation of territorial communities throughout the country”, noted the Head of Government.

    He recalled that the process of delegation of power had been triggered since 2014 and now the situation has changed drastically – both at the legislative level and at the level of local governance. According to the Prime Minister, the issue of decentralization was not touched upon till 2014, on the contrary powers and financial resources "were barbarically selected". President and the first Government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk pledged readiness to support and strengthen regions in 2014, accentuated the Prime Minister.

    Herewith, the Head of Government stressed that due to the decentralization reform regions have obtained not only significant resources but their administrative powers were expanded. According to the Prime Minister this reform enable local authorities to establish transparent Centres for administrative and social service provision administrative and social services in the most convenient format for citizens.

    “We managed to balance powers as well as financial resources. To this end, it is vitally important for you (regions) to become ambitious actors of the economic growth. I would like to call on you(local authorities) to develop a real sector of economy. This is my ideology”, underscored Volodymyr Groysman.