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  • Procurement of medicines in 2020-2021 under the control of the Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 19 May 2020 11:57

    The Ministry of Health has developed a regulatory framework for the purchase of medicines in 2020-2021, approved a list of those medicines with the Government and maintains control over the situation in this sector. The Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov stated at a daily briefing.

    “Documents for the purchase of medicines, which we started to draw up in April, had to be made in the first quarter. We got involved in the work at full pace: we developed a regulatory framework and approved the list of medicines at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. We still need a number of documents that are now being finalized to be approved. And we will immediately start purchasing for the funding allocated for 2020. The country will have the medicines that our patients require,” Maksym Stepanov stressed.

    According to the Minister, the supply of medicines to Ukraine is carried out from two sources: through international organizations and State Enterprise "Medychni Zakupivli" (Medical Procurement). The 2020 budget provides for about UAH 10 billion.

    Meanwhile, medicinal supplies delivered to Ukraine in 2020 are purchased with the funds transferred in 2018-2019.

    "We are in constant communication with our international partners, we understand what should be delivered and what are the deadlines. We control the situation regarding the provision of our citizens with medicines in 2020 and 2021," Maksym Stepanov summed up.