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  • Increased quarantine restrictions will take effect in Ukraine on January 8
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 07 January 2021 18:10

    From January 8 to January 24, 2021 inclusive, Ukraine will have enhanced quarantine restrictions.

    The relevant resolution "On the establishment of quarantine in order to prevent the spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 in Ukraine" was adopted at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on 9 December.

    The decision was made in order to prevent the new powerful wave of morbidity, which may occur, in particular, after the New Year and Christmas holidays.

    According to the approved document, from January 8 to 24, 2021, the operation of cafes, restaurants, bars (except for delivery and takeaway orders) will be prohibited.

    It is prohibited to receive visitors by business entities engaged in trade and consumer services, except:

    Trade exclusively in food products, medicines, medical devices, hygiene products, household chemicals, communication means, printed media, veterinary drugs, feed, seeds, plant protection products, in retail space not less than 60 percent of which is intended for trade in such goods. Trade activity with other groups of goods can take place only on condition of targeted delivery of orders.

    Trade in fuels is allowed.

    Also in the specified period, it is possible to provide financial services, allowed activity of financial institutions and activity on collection and transportation of currency valuables, activity of operators of postal services, and also medical practice, veterinary practice, activity of gas stations (excluding foodcourts), maintenance and repair of vehicles, work of hairdressers and beauty salons by appointment.

    The work of cinemas, fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools, theaters is prohibited.

    During the period of enhanced quarantine, it will be prohibited to visit educational institutions, trade in non-foods, hold any entertainment, sports or cultural events.

    Public transport will continue to operate.