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  • eRobota: Businesses from the de-occupied territories of Kyiv region received grant support from the State for over UAH 30 million
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 15 June 2023 17:27

    Entrepreneurs operating in the de-occupied territories of the Kyiv region have received financial support from the State in the form of grants for business recovery and development worth over UAH 30 million.

    "15 communities in the Kyiv region were occupied by russia and suffered as a result of the hostilities that took place there in February-March last year. These territories need special attention and support from the state, as people want to return home, they need housing, jobs, and opportunities for self-realisation. That is why it is important to remind that entrepreneurs who work there and plan to restore their businesses destroyed by the occupiers, develop it or start a new one can take advantage of the government's Own Business grant programme and receive up to UAH 250,000 in financial support. As of today, 136 entrepreneurs from the de-occupied communities of Kyiv region have already received microgrants totalling over UAH 30 million," said Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

    Most of the microgrants were received by entrepreneurs:

    • Irpin urban community - 57 people for a total amount of UAH 13 million;
    • Bucha urban community - 17 people for UAH 3.8 million;
    • Gostomel settlement community - 13 people for UAH 3.2 million;
    • Borodyanka settlement community - 10 people for UAH 2.1 million.

    The entrepreneurs used the funds to restore the premises destroyed by the occupiers and expand their businesses. In particular, a private kindergarten was rebuilt in Irpin and new furniture was purchased with grant funds, and an environmentally friendly packaging company in Borodyanka resumed operations after its office was destroyed by russian troops. An entrepreneur from Horenka used the grant funds to develop a company that processes profiles and manufactures glass-transparent metal-plastic structures used to restore windows and doors in residential buildings, while another opened a service station. In Gostomel, an entrepreneur used a microgrant to expand his household waste collection business.

    As a reminder, Ukrainians can receive a microgrant of UAH 50,000 to UAH 250,000 under the Own Business grant programme. The funds can be used to purchase or lease equipment, purchase raw materials and supplies, and rent premises. Both existing entrepreneurs and people with no experience of such activities can receive a microgrant.

    To get a microgrant, you need to submit an application through the Diia portal along with a business plan. After the applicant's credit history and registration documents are checked, and his or her business plan is evaluated, the applicant must be interviewed by specialists from the State Employment Service. Based on the results of the interview, the Employment Service makes a decision to grant or refuse to grant a microgrant.

    A prerequisite for the provision of funds is the creation of 1-2 jobs, depending on the amount of the grant. The microgrant must be returned to the state in the form of taxes and fees paid within three years of the company's operation.

    The Government's eRobota project includes grant programmes aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and job creation. These include microgrants for starting or developing a business, grants for setting up and developing processing plants, planting a garden, viticulture and greenhouse. Applications for all areas of the eRobota programme are submitted through the Diia portal.