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  • ‘Act at Home’ app is launched to counteract the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 27 April 2020 09:00

    In order to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine a mobile application "Act at Home" was launched.

    The application is designed to maintain contact with the person and control the observance of obligatory self-isolation during the quarantine. The basis is the foreign experience of countries that use digital tools to ensure the safety of citizens during a pandemic. The application provides benefits during self-isolation, but installation is voluntary.

    According to the legislation, persons crossing the state border of Ukraine may choose one of two options (CMU Resolution №211 of March 11, 2020):

    1. Hospitalization to specialized observatories (isolators).

    2. 14-day self-isolation at the place of residence for persons who have agreed to undergo it using the Act at Home app.

    Functions of the Act at Home application are as follows:

    📍Confirmation of the location of self-isolation with location determination.

    📍Photo confirmation of stay at the place of self-isolation.

    📍 Emergency call to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine hotline.

    📍Planned functionы for monitoring symptom development.

    Abiding by self-isolation rules with the use of “Act at Home” application is monitored with help of regular messages in optional intervals throughout the day and verification of the person's face photo with the reference photo taken at the time of installation of the mobile application as well as the geolocation of the mobile phone at the time of photographing. If you receive a message, you need to take a photo of your face against the background of the environment within 15 minutes, so you should always keep your smartphone close by. Messages won’t be sent at night.

    If a person chooses self-isolation with the Act at Home app, he or she must confirm this decision when passing the passport control - first by informing his/her phone number and the address of the place of self-isolation, and then showing the appropriate application screen to the State Border Service employee.

    For your convenience, we recommend that you download and authorize the application before arriving for passport control on board.

    Note: Act at Home can only be installed by citizens with Ukrainian phone numbers (+380).