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  • How border checkpoints will be operating during the quarantine
    State Customs Service of Ukraine, posted 12 March 2020 19:52

    Yesterday, March 11, the Government announced its intention to close part of the border crossing points to protect the lives and health of citizens through the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Which border checkpoints will temporarily suspend work for the period of preventive measures is currently being discussed by the Government. As soon as an official order is available, it will be immediately released.

    At that, the State Customs Service in synergy with the State Border Service provided the Cabinet of Ministers with a list of border checkpoints, the continuation of operation of which is crucial for the country's economy. This list takes into account the interests of the largest importers and exporters, as well as transport operators who transit the territory of Ukraine.

    Important: The checkpoints characterized by the largest flows of goods will continue to operate.

    Therefore, the State Customs Service advises carriers to choose the border checkpoints being the main points of connection of Ukraine with other states.

    Meanwhile, the State Customs Service draws the attention of transport operators to the fact that the checkpoints can be closed not only by the Ukrainian side. Other states may also suspend traffic through certain sections of the border. It is, therefore, appropriate to monitor measures taken by other countries to prevent the spread of infection. This will help to avoid the situations when certain cargo has successfully crossed the border of Ukraine, but won’t be allowed to get through customs at the border of a neighboring country, finding itself in the neutral zone for indefinite periods. For our part, we will promptly inform on the relevant decisions made by the neighboring countries.

    It is important for carriers of goods who are already en route to monitor the situation at checkpoints and to change their direction to get through the main border checkpoints within one customs office.

    The closure of part of the checkpoints will not affect the customs clearance procedure. Importers and exporters will still be eligible to undergo customs control at one of the border checkpoints within one customs office specified in the declaration. For example, a cargo that was planned to get through Shehyni border checkpoint will be allowed to enter/leave via the Krakowiec checkpoint of Halych Customs.

    All checkpoints are currently operating as usual.