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  • Everyone will gain benefit from monetization, claims Vice Prime Minister
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 25 January 2019 11:45

    Vice Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko is convinced that monetization of subsidies will be beneficial both for consumers and service providers. This statement was announced on the air of "Ukrainian Radio".

    "A smooth work of the monetization mechanism will provide benefits for everyone. Both consumers and service providers will receive hard cash", the Vice Prime Minister stressed, recalling that earlier state budget funds have been disbursed to the providers of services through a system of mutual settlements.

    Pavlo Rozenko noticed that recipients of subsidies who save energy resources will be able to use the remaining funds for their own needs. At the same time, he stressed that the subsidy is, first of all, is a  targeted state assistance for the payment of housing and communal services. "Therefore, recipients of subsidies are obliged to use these funds, first of all, to pay for the services rendered, and after they can use saved money  for own needs," he explained.

    "I am convinced that 95% of subsidies recipients are responsible consumers who are well aware that these funds should be used to pay for housing and communal services. But there will be those people who will try to use them incorrectly. Undoubtedly, we are now working out mechanisms to prevent such attempts. But people are interested in getting these funds permanently, and for this purpose it is necessary to pay for housing and communal services", the Vice Prime Minister summed up.