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  • The Verkhovna Rada passed a law on granting war veteran status to volunteers
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs, Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine, posted 04 December 2019 12:42

    The Verkhovna Rada in its second reading supported Bill No. 2045-1 "On Amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine regarding granting the status and social guarantees to individuals from among the participants of the anti-terrorist operation." 329 MPs voted for the decision.

    The law allows members of volunteer formations who participated in activities to protect Ukraine's independence and sovereignty during the anti-terrorist operation and did not form part of a law enforcement agency to obtain a legal war veteran status. And therefore, the social guarantees that are provided by the law of Ukraine on veterans and their families.

    "How do you divide these people and say: you are the war veteran and you are not? Our State has been trying to do that for over 5 years. And finally, we have the victory – through joining efforts we have received the law on granting the status of war veterans to the members of volunteer formations, who defended the integrity and sovereignty of the country in Donbas. I am convinced that the time has come for the State to protect their interests at last," said Oksana Koliada, Minister for Veterans Affairs, Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons.