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  • Ukrainian-Romanian Riverian 2018 exercise: Final planning conference completed
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 21 August 2018 17:55

    Odesa hosted the final planning conference of the  Ukrainian-Romanian Riverian 2018 exercise.  The representatives of the Ukrainian Navy, State Border Service and Romanian Naval Forces and Coastal Guard participated in the said event.

    The conference was aimed at finalizing development and approval of  the exercise plan. According to manoeuvres  co-directors Capt. 1st Rank Dmytro Kovalenko (Ukraine) and Capt. 1st  Rank Marcel Neculai (Romania), this bilateral exercise will occur for  the first time and contribute to strengthening regional security and  improving cooperation between the fleets of the two countries.  Participants approved the scheduled events and detailed the episodes.

    All the elements of the exercise will be worked  out in line with the NATO standards. Riverian 2018 is scheduled for  September 4-6 on the Danube River from Izmail (Ukraine) to Brăila  (Romania).