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  • Government approved the state targeted social program "Youth of Ukraine" for 2021-2025
    Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, posted 02 June 2021 16:38

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting on June 2 approved the State Targeted Social Program "Youth of Ukraine" for 2021-2025. The program is designed to create opportunities for self-realization and development of the potential of young people in Ukraine, their participation and integration into public life. This was announced by Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Vadym Huttsait.

    "The objectives and activities of the Program will advance the development of young people and remove barriers so that none of its groups, regardless of gender, age, place of residence, psychological and physical abilities, disability and other signs in all spheres of life is not directly or indirectly excluded from society and had the opportunity to realize its potential in Ukraine. Youth is our future, the future of our state. That is why we are obliged to create all the necessary conditions for their prosperity," the Minister stressed.

     The program stipulates for the definition of measures in 9 priority tasks:

    - increasing the level of youth competencies, including civic ones;

    - raising the level of volunteering culture among young people;

    - intensification of youth involvement in decision-making processes;

    - strengthening the social cohesion of youth, including through exchanges of youth within Ukraine and in partnership with other states and international organizations;

    - implementation of programs for training professionals working with youth, including the program "Youth Worker";

    - ensuring the functioning of youth centers, including the state institution "All-Ukrainian Youth Center";

    - promoting the creation of conditions for the development of the capacity of civil society institutions to achieve the objectives of the Program;

    - implementation of expert-analytical, informational and final evaluation measures;

    - implementation of international youth cooperation.